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At Lapelland, our aspiration is to be more than just a supplier of products; we aim to be a supportive partner who contributes to the success and growth of Sorglos-design.


Let's get to know each other
and deepen our collaboration!

Through this document, we wish to learn more about you as a business and about your local market.

General Information About Lapelland

Lapelland Finland, established in 2019, headquarters and factory in Finland, operating through own sales team in five showrooms nationwide. Exporting through partners in 10 countries.

Manufacturer of Mobile Sauna Wagons and Tiny Houses

Our values are respect and effortlessness

Respect: The appreciation of our own staff, clients and partners guides our every day work. We take care of our social and environmential responsibilities all the way from the production to the client.

Effortlessness: We manufacture and deliver unique and effortless wagons with the end user always on our minds.

Our mission: Lapelland is the easiest way to make your dream of a sauna wagon or a mobile tiny house come true.

Markets and Customer Segments

In Finland we have found the following customer targets:

Private people who are in search of extra living space for their children or grand parents or in search for an easy yard sauna to their home garden or vacation location

Experience business. Looking to start or growth their accommodation business in wilderness or at countryside.

Tiny houses for accommodating families / small groups, mobile saunas as for extra services to their clients

Construction companies and similar that are looking for accommodating their own staff in various and constantly changing locations

This is how customers typically discover and purchase our products in Finland:

Through our digital marketing (lead generation ads, email marketing, content creator collaborations), local events/expos, local events at our showroom

Purchases made through our local sales persons at local showrooms

Sales and Marketing

Strong digital marketing team (in-house & vendors)

Brochure posts added with active sales call activities by local sales persons

Small local showroom events where product models are at display

Events and exhibitions/sales fares

Our most effective sales strategy involes in-person contacts, where local sales person gets in touch with the potential client, understands his needs and is able to solve them. -> Invite to local showroom and to “sell” the idea of mobile freedom for the client.

We do active weekly follow ups on sales leads and marketing campaigns.

So, what's next?

We are launching a series of networking meetings with all our partners. To share best practices together, to learn and get inspired by new fresh ideas from other markets that just might work locally for you as well.

Here’s how we envision the next steps.

🤓 Getting Acquainted Through This Partnership Questionnaire

Our first step is to learn about each other through these introductory questions. By sharing insights into our operations and aspirations, we lay the foundation for a partnership that is built on mutual understanding and shared goals.

On the first networking video-meeting we will introduce our selves to other partners and will go through the insights and questions that came up from this Partnership Questionnaire that you kindly have filled out.

Friday the 19th of April at 12:00 (UTC+3), don’t miss out!

Based on the insights gained from the this questionnaire and the first networking meeting, we will develop customized sales support materials specifically tailored to Your needs! Our aim is to equip your sales team with tailored sales tools and tactics and empower you to succeed in your sales endeavors.

Let's develop the roadmap together!

Our success is directly tied to yours, and we are committed to providing you with all the necessary support and resources to achieve your objectives.

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